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A dentist’s office is always just as good as the team working there together with me. I have the great pleasure of being allowed to treat you together with very professionally qualified and helpful employees. My team and I look forward to meeting you!

Renate Mayer

Renate Mayer

Surgery and implantology, prophylaxis, orthodontia, patient consultation and administration

Nature and health are not everything, but without them, everything is nothing.

Beatrix Schmidt

Beatrix Schmidt

Ceramicist (caps, veneers, bridges and inlays)

When one door closes for us, another opens.


Birgit Fuchs

Surgery and implantology, prophylaxis, orthodontics, patient consultation and administration

Love your neighbour as yourself.

Natalie Gräf

Natalie Gräf

Surgery and implantology, orthodontics, patient consultation and administration

In order to see clearly, a change of perspective is often enough.

Dr. Stephan Beyrer

Dr Stephan Beyrer

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Life is like rowing against the current. Not to advance is to fall back.

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Appointments on an individual basis

Since different patients come to our dental practice with different treatment requirements, you are always entitled to a dental treatment that is geared to you personally. That also includes scheduled appointments geared to your needs, without waiting in the practice. In order to be able to guarantee our patients this convenience, we treat patients only by appointment and have no fixed opening hours.